About the company

About the company
Power hydraulics and pneumatics
Automatics and steering

  The HYDRO APARATURA Trade and Engineering Company is an experienced designing, production and trade partner in the range of power hydraulics, pneumatics, precise mechanics, automatics and steering.

   Working on the market since 1991 after joining a designing-production company HYDRO-TECH we have knowledge and experience that pays off while doing new projects.
The HYDRO-TECH Company was created at the beginning of the 90s as a company giving services in the following:

  • designing and modernising drive and hydraulic steering systems
  • servicing machines and devices with an electro hydraulic drive
  • producing and servicing hydraulic engines and spare parts
  • delivering armature and parts of power hydraulics

   A dynamic development of the company occurred in the late 90s, when a greater emphasis was put on the production of new machines and appliances based in their work on power hydraulics and pneumatics.
We also have designing, producing and technical competences, that is why we perform complex project, production tasks, renovating and servicing appliances an production lines for:

  • steel industry
  • metallurgy
  • motorization
  • food branch
  • recycling plastic waste

We do complex building-joining works in the range of building technological bases for joining, build-up of machines and industry devices and we also take part in starting machines and production lines. In 2005 the HYDRO APARATURA Company started preparations for the introduction of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.



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