About the company
Power hydraulics and pneumatics
Automatics and steering

  We have a production-joining background equipped with lathes, ornamentaries, block drills and wielding machines, in which work experienced joiners who constantly keep increasing their knowledge by gaining the Wielding Institute certifications.
  We do, and copy elements on the customer’s demand and in accordance with the documentation delivered or patterns, and also we can help in preparing and making technical documentations.

 Production, technical and technological competences let us accept complex projects which embrace appliances and production lines in the range of joined constructions and mechanical joinery finishing where steerings and hydraulic drives occur in particular in the industry:

  • steel work (beam crashers, drive cylinders, engines)
  • cylindaries (cages and boards for charcoal of the rounders-wielded constructions, vibrating tables for semi constant casts)
  • motorization (hydraulic jacks, „jerk-outs”-devices for checking resistance in cars)
  • presses and mini-presses for different uses – e.g. trashers for tree sawdust and metal wastes


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